March 5, 2015

sour patch grapes

We recently saw a friend post a picture of her sour patch grapes and had to try for ourselves.   It all seemed to good to be true, until we actually tasted them!

what you'll need:
green grapes
jell-o flavors of your choice
paper bag or bowls

How to:

Rinse off the grapes in a strainer. Separate jell-o flavors in bowls or a paper bag. We used lime, blueberry and cherry. While the grapes are still wet, roll (or shake if you are using the bag version) the grapes in the jell-o. Place in container. Once all the grapes are covered and contained, place in the fridge until ready to eat! The perfect sour and sweet snack to go!

fox + gypsy

March 4, 2015

winter whites

One of winters' {few} upsides is the chance
to break out one of the many fur coats
in our vast collection. This is by far
one of the faves in the archives!
fur coat; vintage
leather leggins; Target
jersey; H&M
bean and booties; Target
necklace; gifted
rings; H&M
fox + gypsy

March 3, 2015

a kind gesture

Lately, we have been experiencing bizarre weather. Just a couple of weekends ago we were prancing along in warm weather wear enjoying street beers at the Taste of Soulard. Things took a quick change when we received nearly seven inches of snow when we were practically packing away all things cold-weather related. Our young neighbor boy, quietly shoveled our walkway, stairs and porch for us. Sometimes, we get caught up in this fast-paced world that we are caught off-guard by the sweetest gestures that should in fact be celebrated. Our roommates and Emily made our neighbor some warm, homemade m&m cookies to enjoy on the snow day.

fox + gypsy

March 2, 2015

Asgeir; Higher

We had the pleasure of listening to the entrancing
music of Icelandic sing/songwriter, Asgeir, at the
Hozier concert last week. We have been listening
to him on repeat ever since. Check him out on 

Happy Monday!

fox + gypsy

February 27, 2015

a few of our favorite things

 hat sisters
 Happy accidents
girls day out
handmade bridal shower cards

 future Hasenland

Morning Mimosas

Shades of Chanel


Hozier concert at the Pageant

Happy Friday!
fox + gypsy

February 26, 2015

graphic connection; spring

This is a new spin on "Throwback Thursday" for us.
We have been going through our archives recently and decided
to try an artistic revival of graphics integrated with our photos.
We haven't done this in awhile so we hope you like
what Emily's been working on!

fox + gypsy